each of the books is given a fictional “author,”and purport to be “lost” journals of fictional investigators. Since the books follow an encyclopedia format rather than a narrative, Steer has said that, “It’s slightly different from traditional reading. Readers can dip in and out, but the essential story is told in a linear way.”   Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons (2003) Working with Dragons: A Course in Dragonology (2004) Drake’s Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology (2009) Egyptology: Search for the Tomb of Osiris (2004) Wonders of Egypt: A Course in Egyptology An Egyptologist’s Writing Kit Wizardology: The Book of the Secrets of Merlin (2005) A … Continue reading OLOGYWORLD : ENCYCLOPEDIC | FANTASY SERIES


Aireal is an augmented reality platform that enables people to design, discover and experience (2D, 3D, Video and Interactive) content that is super-imposed over their real world environment and is visble through the use of mobile and wearable technology.     Unlike the current status quo of augmented reality that requires marker-based recognition, Aireal’s patented technology allows for digital content to be placed within volumetric blocks that are anchored to real world longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates that enables a markerless augmented experience. At Aireal, we dedicated ourselves to create a technology that would seamlessly merge our digital and physical … Continue reading AIREAL : GEOSPATIAL | AUGMENTED REALITY