COMBATING CLIMATE CHANGE WITH POLAR UMBRELLA SKYSCRAPERS  B.J. MURPHY As the polar ice caps reduce in size due to anthropogenic climate change, new and innovative ways to combat environmental degradation are being considered, embracing a future of positive change. One of the many winners of eVolo’s Skyscraper Competition, the Polar Umbrella Buoyant Skyscraper, is designed to not only change the way we see architectural infrastructure, but also change the way we combat climate change. Designed by Derek Pirozzi, the Umbrella Skyscraper isn’t simply a futuristic environmental experiment, but would also provide research labs, energy harvesting power stations, housing units, and habitation for wildlife … Continue reading POLAR UMBRELLA : SKYSCRAPER | ICE CAPS


each of the books is given a fictional “author,”and purport to be “lost” journals of fictional investigators. Since the books follow an encyclopedia format rather than a narrative, Steer has said that, “It’s slightly different from traditional reading. Readers can dip in and out, but the essential story is told in a linear way.”   Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons (2003) Working with Dragons: A Course in Dragonology (2004) Drake’s Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology (2009) Egyptology: Search for the Tomb of Osiris (2004) Wonders of Egypt: A Course in Egyptology An Egyptologist’s Writing Kit Wizardology: The Book of the Secrets of Merlin (2005) A … Continue reading OLOGYWORLD : ENCYCLOPEDIC | FANTASY SERIES


Aireal is an augmented reality platform that enables people to design, discover and experience (2D, 3D, Video and Interactive) content that is super-imposed over their real world environment and is visble through the use of mobile and wearable technology.     Unlike the current status quo of augmented reality that requires marker-based recognition, Aireal’s patented technology allows for digital content to be placed within volumetric blocks that are anchored to real world longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates that enables a markerless augmented experience. At Aireal, we dedicated ourselves to create a technology that would seamlessly merge our digital and physical … Continue reading AIREAL : GEOSPATIAL | AUGMENTED REALITY


‘Here’s a tool that will make drilling a well, or grinding flour, easier,’ Brand would tell [the hippies,] pointing it out in his catalog of recommended tools. But his best selling tool was the catalog itself, annotated by him, featuring tools that didn’t fit into his truck. -Kevin Kelly   The Whole Earth Catalog was a magazine published by Stewart Brand between 1968 and 1972, and occasionally thereafter, until 1998. The publication featured essays and articles, primarily focused on product reviews. With “access to tools” being its slogan, the editorial focus was on ecology, self-sufficiency, do-it-yourself, and holism.   – — —   The broad … Continue reading WHOLE EARTH CATALOG : THE-ECOLOGY | THE-HOLISM


#opensource#greenindex#trees EXPLORING THE GREEN CANOPY IN CITIES AROUND THE WORLD 0% 12% 34% 56% 78% 90% 100% MIT SENSEABLE CITY LAB #http://senseable.mit.edu/treepedia# UNDERSTANDING AND PROMOTING URBAN TREE COVER HAS NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT   INCREASING a city’s tree canopy contributes to lowering urban temperatures by blocking shortwave radiation and increasing water evaporation. Creating more comfortable microclimates, trees also mitigate air pollution caused by everyday urban activities. Their absorptive root systems also help avoid floods during severe rains and storm surges. So overall, trees are pretty awesome. CITIES around the world are recognizing this and many are developing strategies to increase … Continue reading TREEPEDIA : GREEN INDEX | URBAN CANOPY COVERAGE