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The raw trade data on goods are derived from countries’ reporting to the United Nations Statistical Division (COMTRADE). The trade data on services are from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Direction of Trade Statistics database, via the World Development Indicators.

Trade flows

Countries report their services exports and imports unilaterally to the IMF, as opposed to commodity data which is reported bilaterally. Therefore, we cannot mirror countries’ services reporting with partner reporting, to improve the quality of the data. As a result, country-partner data for services is currently unavailable in The Atlas.

Year Range

Services data is available between 1980 to 2017. When viewed in combination with HS goods, services data spans the full HS year range (1995 – 2017). When viewed in combination with SITC goods, services data spans a segment of the SITC year range (1980 – 2017). Within these ranges however, certain years may be unavailable due to undisclosed or delayed country reporting.